Tuition + Fees


The large majority of students attending Chesterton Academy receive around $7,200 per year in scholarship money from the State of Florida, through the generous Step Up for Students program.

2023-2024 Tuition + Fees

Our Approach

Chesterton Academy is committed to offering an outstanding high school education at an affordable cost to families.

We keep tuition as low as possible to bring a classical, Catholic education to any family, regardless of income.

Low Tuition

Our tuition is extremely low relative to other nearby private schools, which charge $13,000 - $18,000 per student, per year for high school. Our tuition is half that amount.

Enormous Discount

Some schools charge high tuition so that the tuition income covers the total cost of educating each child. But our model at Chesterton Academy is different. To make the school more affordable for families, we have set tuition far lower than our full actual cost.

In fact, it costs the school roughly $14,000 per student, per year to operate. Tuition covers only 60% of this actual cost. In effect, this means every student immediately receives a 40% tuition discount, even before any other financial aid.

How do we make up that difference? The rest is supplied by generous donors who believe in the mission of the school and want to keep tuition affordable for families.

Financial Aid

As a new, startup school, we are able to offer a limited amount of financial aid. However, the large majority of our students receive scholarship money through the State of Florida, distributed through the Step Up for Students program. Chesterton students receive an average of $7,200 per year in scholarship money, which covers a significant percentage of their tuition.

In the end, we never want money to be a limiting factor for enrollment. If you and your child desire to attend Chesterton Academy, please contact us and we will work with you.

Before Enrollment

Application Fee - $50

(paid upon application)

After Enrollment

Books and Supplies Fee - $600

(covers textbooks, books students will own and keep, all school supplies, and placement test)

  • Payment #1 of $300 due when enrollment agreement is signed
  • Payment #2 of $300 due on 7/17/23

Tuition - $8,500

(paid according to the one of the options below)

One-Time (includes $20 processing fee)
  • Payment of $8,520 due on 8/1/23
Quarterly Installments (includes $55 processing fee)
  • Payment #1 of $2,180 due on 9/25/23
  • Payment #2 of $2,125 due on 11/25/23
  • Payment #3 of $2,125 due on 2/25/24
  • Payment #4 of $2,125 due on 4/25/24

Uniforms - $250-$400

(purchased by parents through Schoolbelles, our uniform vendor)

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