[Photos] Jennifer Fulwiler Event at Chesterton Academy

April 29, 2022

Chesterton Academy of Orlando

On Wednesday, April 27, we were thrilled to welcome Jennifer Fulwiler to our campus to share the story of her conversion from atheism to Catholicism.

We had over 200 people attend and it was wonderful to welcome everyone to our new building for the school's first major event!

View photos below (taken by the talented Milena Wilczak) and stay tuned for more events, coming soon!

About Jennifer Fulwiler

Jennifer is one of the most famous Catholic converts of our time. She’s a mother of six, a former SiriusXM talk radio host on the Catholic Channel, and has written three books, including her conversion memoir, Something Other Than God.

Her books have cracked the Wall Street Journal and Barnes and Noble bestseller lists and the Amazon Top 25. Her newest book, Your Blue Flame, was featured on NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Jennifer is also a talented standup comic, currently on tour across the country.

Chesterton Academy of Orlando

Chesterton Academy of Orlando is a classical high school, grounded in the Catholic faith. Our mission is to help students recognize the true, imitate the good, and adore the beautiful, falling in love with the source of it all—God himself.

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