Last Call to Enroll!

July 21, 2023

Chesterton Academy of Orlando

With the new school year beginning on Monday, August 7 (in less than three weeks), we wanted to extend a last call for any students interested in attending Chesterton Academy!

If you have a high school student, we invite you to apply now before the last few spots fill up.

(And if you don’t have a high school student, please forward this email to someone who does! Maybe a friend, relative, or fellow parishioner!)

Learn more about the Chesterton Academy model and how we help students become fully alive in their faith and drawn to a good life of joy, intelligence, and virtue.

And don’t forget that the State of Florida now offers every student a scholarship worth around $7,200 to attend any private high school of their choice, including Chesterton. This covers about 85% of the tuition at Chesterton Academy!

But again, don’t delay. Once we fill the last few spots, any additional students will be forced to sit on our waiting list.

So, apply now!

Chesterton Academy of Orlando

Chesterton Academy of Orlando is a classical high school, grounded in the Catholic faith. Our mission is to help students recognize the true, imitate the good, and adore the beautiful, falling in love with the source of it all—God himself.

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